Does your past have you in a headlock?

 We all have a story and a past. However, we have a choice to let our past prevent us from living or we can choose to turn that adversity into our genius, therefore gaining freedom.

In my book I share how I turned a very tragic time into my life into my superpower!

You will always fail at being the person you are supposed to be; the true measure of success is how well you are at being yourself...

We've been taught that the key to success is about getting exposure, having the perfect message, having the right connections, perfect Facebook ads, a great email campaign, the list goes on and on. There is a TON of information out there and you can bet a bright shiny penny there is a guru out there waiting to sell it to you! Can these things help you to grow your business, ABSOLUTELY! Is it the start, HELL NO!! However, we get sold on the idea that these things will bring the money and clients rolling in by the troves. As many of you are aware, rarely does this bring in success. Just take a moment and count all the commas you've spent throwing your money, energy and time down the drain trying to make these systems work.

Bitches be trippin'…

Once upon a time, this was me. I've spent a college education on bullshit coaching and online programs that sold me on a pipe dream of get rich quick schemes. I started to believe something was wrong with me. I cannot tell you how many events I've gone to, how many coaches I've hired, and how much money I've spent along the way. Yes, I did the work! I spent countless hours beating my head against the wall for little to no results. The coaches insisted that their system worked, so there must have been a problem with me. I thought to myself: maybe I'm not ready, maybe I am not good enough, people don't accept me, maybe I need to work more on my mindset, maybe I should just throw in the towel. At one point I felt like following my purpose was destroying my life.

Seriously, what's the point…

Unhappy and unfulfilled with my work

Fighting with my partner

Lacking purpose

Trying EVERYTHING to change my circumstances, nothing working

Focused too much on my career, that I had no time to live my life

Putting everyone’s needs before my own

Allowing others to tell me how I should live my life

Feeling stuck, monotonous, and bored

Feeling alone and unsupported

Empty bank account

Then God Gave me a Bitch Slap

I was born to be a LEADER not a FOLLOWER!! The reason why nothing was working was because I was following someone else's system that made them successful. Leadership is not about walking someone else's path, its about paving your own! I realized in that moment the reason I was failing so miserably, was because I was trying to be like everyone else, because I was sold on the idea these systems were the key to success. This abrupt awakening made me realize that the key to success is to step out of the cookie cutter box I was dabbling in for so long and start doing things my way.

"It is easy to stand in the crowd. It takes courage to stand alone." Gandhi


It is honestly that simple…

The most successful and influential people on this planet are absolute geniuses at expressing themselves, take Beyonce, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, and Oprah for example. When you honor your true self-expression and share that authentically out in the world, people take notice and are naturally drawn to you, NO MORE HUSTLE! Years ago I was taught: "You always keep your marketing in house." It took me several years to understand what this meant, now I get it. I know you've heard about the Universal Law of Giving and Receiving. It states: The more you give the more you receive. However it is missing a few words; The more you give of YOURSELF the more you RECEIVE!! You were born unique for a reason. Once you stop running from yourself and your power, your business and life will begin to flow with the current! There is no system that will bring you success...

"Great Leadership is synonymous with becoming yourself; it is that simple yet that difficult."

Warren Bennis

How healthy are your relationships both personally and romantically?

Does fear of judgement still hold you back from showing up fully?

Do you place high expectations on yourself and others? Are you a perfectionsist?

About Mandelynn

Mandelynn Moses is a Conscious Leadership mentor, speaker, and author with one focus: to help other leaders be seen and heard on a global platform and to help them to expand into their absolute highest potential so they can create a legacy that can last generations.

Her mission is to help others realize that leadership is all about self-mastery. By putting the focus inward, you can expand your happiness, your influence, become a greater leader, and have extraordinary relationships with others.

Mandelynn has had the pleasure of serving a wide variety of clients including the C-Suite, senior leaders, and high-potential emerging leaders.

Mandelynn’s Philosophy is simple


When you know how to ATTRACT the right people into your life and business, you can CONNECT to others on a much deeper level than ever before, and EMPOWER yourself and the others around you in the most authentic way. Business doesn't need to be so difficult. Managing and leading others shouldn't be so taxing on your energy and well being. Mandelynn's simple yet effective philosophy takes the hustle out of life and puts in the flow.

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Our Signature Programs and events help you to Live a Highly Influential Life so You Can be The Leader you were born to be


Do you feel like you work for your business rather than your business work for you? Most likely you've built a business based on what you are "supposed" rather than what you like to do. Money follows passion, not effort. If you'd like to restructure or create a business that is more aligned with your core values, service to others and/or the planet I can help you with that. There is not just one way to build a business, there are many! Stop doing what everyone else is doing, it doesn't work because everyone else is doing it!

If you ready to take the hustle out of your business and create a business that aligns around your passion and lifestyle, I can help you with that. Stop chasing clients, it's not pretty. I will help you to align your purpose and passion to your legacy, so you can live life at your highest potential. All while increasing your influence and becoming deeply connected to yourself. This is an exclusive opportunity, I only take on a few projects a year. Serious inquiries only. Click below to apply for a complementary business consult.



Leadership retreat

You’ve spent most of your life achieving in business and somewhere along the way you’ve disconnected from yourself and the big picture. Now that you are ready to start creating the life you’ve always wanted, you’re finding it to be much harder than you originally anticipated to get what you want. Because what you want is something that money can’t buy.

It’s exhausting trying to fit into structures that don’t suit you. It’s frustrating being let down in your relationships even though you do everything to make them work. It’s depleting doing everything for the people around you and getting nothing in return. Quite frankly, it’s not fair that people expect so much from you, as if nothing you do is ever good enough! It’s time for you to start ruling the world around you and start getting what you want and need out of life. Join me for one of our exclusive and highly transformational retreats designed to allow you to take a break from life, connect to yourself, and become more of the Queen you were born to be.


Mandelynn has helped me find my voice. Before, I was so afraid to speak outside of my tribe and step into my celebrity. I was playing small, but not anymore. She has helped me to step out and gave me the confidence to step out on a bigger platform. Because of her, I have a new tribe. I felt like God brought her to Bali just for me.

Luh, Speaker (Bali)

Mandelynn is the real deal! She is the most powerful speaker I have ever heard. She was able to me in ways I've never experienced before and I have been to many events. Just WOW is all I can say after listening to her speech today. I was blown away. 


I hired Mandelynn because I felt she was the only one strong enough to coach me. I was right. Her strong, no bullshit attitude, although compassionate and caring at the same time, really helped me to put my life in perspective. I am a completely different person than I was before starting my program with her. I am extremely grateful I found her.


Mandelynn’s coaching has helped me get to the happiest and most uplifted place yet in my entire life. I truly appreciate your intuitive and inspiring process.

JESSICA, Non-Profit (USA)

I have never met a woman stand so much in her power before. Mandelynn has the ability to captivate an audience and deliver her message with ease. I love listening to her guidance. She makes me think so deep and has the ability to get to my core. 

Dean, Men's Coach (Australia)

I love hearing Mandelynn speak, she is always saying the things I am thinking but never say. She is an incredibly wise woman. I am very blessed to have seen her in person. 

Pascal, Coach (Austria)

I am always at the edge of my seat whenever I watch Mandelynn speak. The passion that she brings through truly inspires me. 

Isabelle, Intern (Canada)

Mandelynn is a woman on fire! To witness her power is something I have never seen before. I watched this guy get so angry and intense, to the end becoming totally in awe of her. Simply by being her. She is so powerful. 

Aaron, Salon Owner (UK)

My business was expanding at a very fast pace, I’ll admit, I was having a difficult time dealing with the influx of people I now had to serve. I found myself complaining more, getting more impatient, and cynical. When I met Mandelynn and she told me what she did, I instantly told her “I need you in my life!” A week later, I hired her. Best decision I’ve ever made! Her knowledge in leadership is mind-blowing. I no longer dread going to work, I love it!


Just wow! She has helped to find my voice in life and business. I had a very hard time asking for my worth at my job and was severely underpaid. She encouraged me to speak up, and in doing so I more than doubled my income within just two months of working with her.


I have been in the coaching and event business for over 15 years. I have worked with nearly every top coach and guru out there. believe me, I have heard it all. Which is why I almost didn't come tonight, but something pushed me to go. Mandelynn has something truly special and has something that the top coaches don't have. I've never heard anyone say the things she spoke about and in the way that she did. She liberated something in me. I am so happy I got to witness her in person

Christina, Event Coordinator (USA)

Every time I see that Mandelynn is speaking, I have to be there. She has a way of incorporating stories and her previous experiences that help me connect the dots in my own life. Eventually an arrow is drawn and I have clarity. She has helped me to become a much greater leader.

Ryan, Consultant (Canada)

Mandelynn thinks deeper than anyone I know. She has the ability to take already deep concepts even deeper. Every time I hear her speak I spend the next few weeks contemplating and finding ways to show up even more. Her leadership training is the best out there by far.

Frank, Real Estate Investor (Astonia)

Mandelynn has been a great mentor for me. I met her while I was going through a really tough time in my life. She has helped me find the courage to express myself more in my writing and do more of it. She has been more than I could have ever asked for.

Nadya, Writer (Russia)

What can I say, Mandelynn has liberated me! I was dealing with the grief of losing my husband four years ago and was holding so much in, my art suffered. She helped me to express those feelings into my art. I am full of tears, she really has liberated me and helped me find me again. 

Lina, Artist (Indonesia)
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